Our History

Founded in 1963 by George Zaslaw, a pioneer in the South American Beef Trade, SAMPCO (South American Meat Products Company) has been the most influential company in developing and sustaining business between the two hemispheres.

In 2001, David Morrison and Richard Smaligo formed a partnership and acquired SAMPCO. Both individuals have over 30 years of Food Industry related experience. The team at SAMPCO has built its reputation on Service, Quality and Food Safety. Its diverse customer base includes some of the largest food companies in the world, right down to niche market players.

Today, SAMPCO, as part of the JBS family of food companies has expanded upon its formula for success and is now actively trading a wide variety of Food Products in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Sampco services encompass all sectors within the food industry, whether it is Industrial, Food Service or Retail. In part, SAMPCO-JBS owes its success to its team of professionals that shares a common philosophy of Service, Quality and Food Safety.

Treating clients, suppliers and employees fairly is the SAMPCO-JBS way of doing business.