Label & Carton Design


Sampco has spent decades working on optimizing shipping cartons for our variety of products that provide the highest level of product and container protection in conjunction with the optimization of shipping quantities in order to provide the greatest product protection at the best overall cost. We do not compromise on product safety but always keep in mind the customer's need for price and value. Every carton must meet rigid standards for product protection and are fully tested by aggressive shipping abuse testing before any new carton design is approved. Sampco provides suggested pallet patterns for optimized storage along with pallet maximum stack heights to prevent product damage.

A full range of cartons, from plain shipping cartons to innovative display packs, sleeve packs or other multipack designs are available. Sampco will work with our customers to provide the best available solution to meet your needs.


Sampco has readily available label templates for each and every container or package that we supply from cans to pouches. These templates can be used by our customer's graphics design staff to develop their unique label or Sampco can offer suggestions for a customer's label. Most of our customers prefer to provide their own label design which Sampco will review for USDA requirements.

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