Quality Assurance Assistance

Sampco requires every supplier to operate their production facilities under an approved HACCP program. Each producing plant must have a yearly independent quality audit and achieve a Superior or greater score in order to continue to be an approved supplier.

Each and every shipment of product must be accompanied with a certificate of analysis by production lot. Each shipment of a meat or poultry shipment must also be accompanied by a Country of Origin Health Certificate issued by the applicable Government Inspection Service of the originating Country.

Sampco's experienced staff will work with our customer to develop the appropriate quality standards and testing regimens that will provide the best overall assurance that each shipment will comply with exacting standards required when producing a food for human consumption.

Sampco stands behind every product supplied. Sampco has always been our customer's first line of defense to protect and assure the quality and safety of the products we supply. Sampco is always the advocate for the customer and the product supplied.

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